Intellectual property is frequently a start-up company’s a most critical asset. It needs to be fully protected in order to maximize the company’s value. Our attorneys rely on their extensive knowledge of intellectual property law to accomplish that goal. We work together with our clients to develop a patent strategy that will ensure their needs are met, taking into account their future plans for development. We prosecute patents and aggressively litigate patent disputes. We also implement IP protection programs within an organization. Our activities in intellectual property include:

  • Investigating the ownership of the founding technology to ensure it is clean
  • Registering critical trademarks and training employees on their proper use
  • Developing an effective patent strategy and identifying and prosecuting patents
  • Advising on procedures for protecting trade secrets and other intellectual property
  • Engaging in IP litigation to secure or defend rights
  • Counseling on open source and other cutting-edge issues

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